Clones Renewal Scheme – Excellence in Planning Award

We are thrilled to see our Clones Renewal Scheme project secure the award for Excellence in Planning at yesterday’s Property Industry Excellence Awards at the Convention Centre in Dublin.

This urban regeneration scheme involves the demolition of 14 derelict properties on Fermanagh Street and Analore Street and the construction on 24 social housing units in a bid to breathe new life into the historic streetscape of Clones.

Craftstudio Architecture are the lead consultants on the project, which has an all inclusive value of in excess of €5.2m.

The aim of the project is based on the ‘town centre living first’ approach, addressing problems of rural town decline. Clones, a rural border town that has suffered from significant dereliction and depopulation in the past number of decades. The project is funded under the Rebuilding Ireland Scheme, to put life back into the town core in a sustainable compact way, and to build momentum within the community for other development and services.

The Clones Renewal Scheme will deliver multiple positive impacts, including sustaining town population, improving the vibrancy/vitality of the town, along with renewed confidence and stimulating development opportunities on adjoining sites. The finished homes will be mix of 1,2 & 3 bedroom units of the highest quality.

Part 8 Planning for the project has been finalised, tender competition for construction is complete and the construction Contract has been Awarded to Lowry Construction Ltd, with construction having commenced on site in September.

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