Craftstudio acquire the Old Monaghan Train Station

Craftstudio are delighted to have acquired the Old Monaghan Train Station. We hope to renovate the building over the coming months creating new offices for our practice. Its hugely exciting for our practice to acquire what is a landmark building in the centre of Monaghan town.

As well as being an impressive Victorian architectural statement on the northern part of the town centre, the Train Station provides a significant reminder of the nineteenth-century industrial and transport heritage of the area and retains much of its historic frontage fabric intact. Built in 1858, the building has a fantastic history.  Having closed as a train station in 1959, it subsequently served as a Customs office, Driving Test Centre, Bicycle Repair Shop and Office Supplies Store. The building has been un occupied for some years and deteriorated to a significant degree, but we look forward to restoring the building to its former glory, creating a new chapter in it’s history. and our practice.