Errigal Truagh Special Needs Exterior view from north-west

Errigal Truagh Special Needs

Errigal Truagh Special Needs

Errigal Truagh Special Needs is a new build day care centre for adults with physical/intellectual disabilities. It has been specifically designed for the needs of the service users and staff to create a safe and stimulating environment. The centre also provides facilities for children with autism, specifically a multi-sensory room and playground.

The design seeks to create a home from home for services users, creating an environment in which their ability is nurtured. It has already enabled users to flourish beyond their expectations. The ease of movement throughout the building and when moving between inside and out has seen service users develop physically, whilst enhanced facilities such as the art and crafts room and multi-sensory room have aided their intellectual development.

Errigal Truagh Special Need Layout Plan
Errigal Truagh Façade view
Errigal Truagh Special Needs Exterior view from south

Conceived as a building harmonious to its environment, its form takes reference from the surrounding landscape. The undulating planes of the roof directly reflect the contours of its drumlin context creating dynamic spaces beneath.

The creation of a building with a strong sense of identity for the most vulnerable in the community is key to the success of the project. The project was embraced by the community, the majority of funding sourced within the locality.

The mass of the building is broken into two elements, allowing fresh air and light to penetrate deep within the building and provides outdoor social and meeting spaces. The shift in plan defines a south facing rear courtyard, addressing the views, protected from exposure to the road.

Errigal Truagh South facing courtyard

Errigal Truagh Games room with view of courtyard

Errigal Truagh View from day room towards courtyard and utility spaces
The day room is at the heart of the centre providing a constant source of reference when circulating the building. It occupies the space between the necessary, more practical admin and utility spaces from which staff members can passively monitor activity. Overall a clear layout and organisation of space ensure users require little effort to use and enjoy the building.

Errigal Truagh Dining area and day room

Errigal Truagh Façade detail with view through the building

Errigal Truagh Special Needs Exterior view from north-west


3D visualisations developed at design stage

Errigal truagh Render

Errigal truagh Render


Errigal Truagh Special Needs

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